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******I have gotten to the point where I am needing more time for family and more pen space for my deer herd so I am selling all of my sheep. I thought that I could cut way back and have more time for family and other things but that has not happened. I have put a lot of work into my sheep for the past several years and am proud of what I have. However, it is time to move on. I am trying to get everything fairly priced but if there is anything on my website or on facebook that you are interested in feel free to email, message, or call me to make an offer.  Everything is for sale but please, serious offers only.******

We raise cross bred horned sheep utilizing Stumberg sheep, Texas Dall sheep, and Rocky Mountain Bighorn crosses.  All of our sheep are from top quality genetics and produce the best trophy quality rams around.  Our sheep are carefully bred to insure that there are no accidental breedings and we know what every lamb is out of.  Every lamb is ear tagged and color coded shortly after birth so that we can keep accurate records on who their sire and dam is.  This also allows us to better moniter and keep records on their horn growth so that we are sure we breed only the best ewes to the best rams.

We started out breeding pure Texas Dall sheep but now use them as crosses to our Stumberg and Rocky Mountain Big Horns to keep a fast growing horn genetic in our hybrids. Our Texas Dall sheep come from 40+ inch genetics and are heavily influenced by the Thies bloodlines.  Our rams grow quickly and can reach 30+ inches by their second birthdayNot only do we breed for length but also for circumference.  We incorporate deep line breeding and use select rams for outcrossing.  We realize that breeding to the best rams is only part of the equation.  We also breed only the best quality ewes.  As a result, not only do we produce monster rams but the majority of our ewes also had horns. 

Stumberg Sheep originated at the Patio Ranch.  Mouflon ewes were crossed with a lone argali ram in Oklahoma and the offspring were bred back to the argali ram.  They are rare and beautiful animals. Our older Stumberg Sheep came from the Patio Ranch.  The rest are a product of breeding those ewes to select Stumberg rams.  The rams are capable of growing very long and very massive horns.   From time to time we still breed some pure Stumberg sheep but due to limited numbers of pure Stumbergs we mainly use them to cross with other species.  

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